David Harper

David Harper

Random Walk

About Me

I am a sixth year PhD Candidate at Georgia Tech in the School of Mathematics. My primary research focus is within probability. Some of my interests include percolation, first passage percolation, random cluster models, and random growth models. My advisor is Michael Damron. Beyond math research, I really enjoy programming and you can check out some of that here.


Published/To Appear
(with M. Damron) Non-optimality of invaded geodesics in 2d critical first-passage percolation. In and Out of Equilibrium 3: Celebrating Vladas Sidoravicius. Springer (ArXiv)

(with M. Damron, J. Hanson, and W.-K. Lam) Transitions for exceptional times in dynamical first-passage percolation. Probability Theory and Related Fields. Springer (ArXiv)

In Preparation
(with E. Bates, M. Damron, X. Shen, and E. Sorensen) Upper bound on geodesic length in 2D critical first-passage percolation.

(with M. Damron, J. Hanson, and W.-K. Lam) The incipient infinite cluster and 2d critical first-passage percolation.

Some Ongoing Projects
  • Properties of certain structures arising from coalescing families of geodesics in last passage percolation
  • First passage percolation under path length restrictions
  • Noise sensitivity and sampling in dynamical first passage percolation


Berkeley Probability Seminar - 2023

CUNY Probability Seminar - 2022

University of Utah Stochastics Seminar - 2022

Wisconsin Madison Probability Seminar - 2022

AMS Sectional Meeting - 2022

Georgia Tech Stochastics Seminar - 2022

Cornell Probability Seminar - 2022


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In addition to mathematics I am very passionate about programming. I enjoy simulating various models related to my research. You can check out a cool GitHub repository containing some of that here . I also enjoy creating online math problem generators for my students, creating interactive machine learning apps and making video games. You can find some of that on my Github Pages site here .